Thursday, December 27, 2018

Company Overview

Enrichment Bookstore & Art Center, Inc (EBAC, Inc.) is a full service provider of books, computer equipment and supplies, CD’s and DVD’s. We are a certified Minority/Female Business Enterprise located in Atlanta Georgia that was founded in 1996.

We utilize the services of several large book distributors and publishers, allowing us to maintain a well balanced inventory of your favorite titles at a low cost to our customers.

We offer a wide variety of books in several categories: Nonfiction, Fiction, Computers, Business, Education, Health and Wellness, Religion, Spirituality, Parenting and Young Readers and Adult books. We supply thousands of book titles and computer supplies to State, Federal and Local Government Agencies as well as Public Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools and Corporations throughout the United States.

EBAC, Inc. has a great reputation serving: Atlanta-Fulton Public Library, Georgia Department of Labor, Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, Baltimore County Public Schools System, State of Colorado, Sunnyside Unified School District located in Tucson, Arizona just to name a few.


Our Niche:

We handle our client’s business with Personalized Customer Service, meaning that since we are a small business, our customer’s concerns are dealt with at the executive level. Our team of Customer Service Representatives are very professional and polite, but our team of Executives are available to personally communicate with our clients to handle any challenges that may occur in shipments of orders.

We are continually seeking the newest technology to be available for our clients. EBAC, Inc. is available to respond to any questions by email, phone, fax or mail.

Please inquire about any of the 2.5 million book titles available and CD’s or DVD’s.